Fish City

Fishing product processing center equipped with CEE 50AL number with a total area of 105127 m2, and processing area of 25532.57 m2. Fish City is the largest processing complex for fishing products for salted anchovies, marinated and frozen mackerel in oil, as well as the northern boreal shrimp Pandalus borealis and the Adriatic deep shrimp Parapeaneus longirostris. Also, in Fish City, there are processed frozen squid products, cuttlefish, octopus, etc. In Fish City there are produced shrimp flour and oil and sea cucumber (Holothuriaspp) is processed. Fish City has storage capacity at a depth of -22 ⁰C of 2500 tons.

Stabilimenti Shëngjin

The fish processing center equipped with CEE AL27 number for fishing and aquaculture products has a total area of 2381m2 of which the processing plant has an area of 465 m2. This plant processes fresh fish from the Rozafa fleet based in the Port of Shengjin as well as the deep-fried shrimp (Parapeaneus longirostris) for the Spanish market and frozen products for the Italian market.

Stabilimenti i përpunimit Përrenjas

Përrenjas processing place with an area of 10 287.3 m2 and a processing area of 1090 m2. In Përrenjas, there are processed northern boreal shrimp (Pandalus borealis) and anchovies. This is a new center in the investment process where 200 workers have been employed so far.

Rozafa Çekrez Center, Gramsh

Rozafa Çekrez Center, Gramsh with a total area of 28 960 m2 and a processing area of 4 185.48 m2. This is a new center in the investment process, where Rozafa ltd is investing in the food production plant for marine aquaculture and inland waters and livestock.